Friday, January 26, 2007

Bears Hold the Line Against Fan

On in a page four story in your Chicago Sun-Times [no link to story? link, thanks Roni], Stefano Esposito reports:
Last week, [Dan Malloy], a Bears season ticket holder, found out he'd won the right to buy two Super bowl tickets and was told he'd have to pick them up in person at Soldier Field on Thursday, today or Saturday.

One problem: He returns from a business trip to Japan after the ticket office closes on Saturday.

In desperation, he offered to pay a Bears ticket clerk to stay late Saturday. They said no.

He offered to send his wife to pick up the tickets. No again.

He sent the Bears proof he was overseas. Too bad. ***

Finally, Malloy's wife told the story to a United Airlines representative and the woman arranged to have Malloy fly home early so he'd make it in time to pick up his tickets Saturday.
So congratulations to the Chicago Bears organization!

No matter the outcome of the big game, you can take pride in the fact that even an airline has better customer service than you.


Levois said...

Yeah that's not good for even the Bears. They need to work on that!

Jack OB said...

Da rules is da rules wit da Bears, 'eh?
I wonder if the airline charged him extra to fly home early.
This guy should get together with the belly-selling pregnant lady and the cable-access interviewer guy and form a coalition.

Roni said...

They have posted it.,CST-NWS-tix26.article


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