Thursday, January 18, 2007

People Leaving; No Time for Chicago

The New York Times reports:
Time Inc. laid off nearly 300 people today at its top magazines, including its most profitable title, People, which is shutting down its bureaus in Washington, Miami, Chicago and Austin, Texas.

People is laying off 44 editorial employees, though it is also creating 7 new jobs, for a net loss of 37.

Time, the company’s flagship magazine, is also cutting about 50 people, and is shutting down bureaus in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.
Thus Time Inc. affirms the corporate news assertion that the United States of America consists solely of New York, NY and Washington D.C.

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grand old partisan said...

I agree that this is sad, SCAM. But I would submit to you that United States of America does not "consists solely" of urban centers, either.


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