Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your Source for Nakedly Recursive Sophistry

Your Chicago Sun-Times has given the president of the conservative Heritage Foundation more valuable column inches to alert us to this pressing "reason for concern" about the U.S. economy:

Welfare for American Citizens May Be Cutting Into Corporate Welfare!

Even if you believe that the elevation of American people over multi-national corporations is truly a "reason for concern", I propose that there is an even greater reason for concern with this column.

The sole source for the Heritage Foundation president's claim that caring for human beings is about to plunge America into the abyss is an "economic freedom report card" issued by -- say it with me -- the Heritage Foundation.

I wonder if the Sun-Times would give me a column to trumpet the dogmatic conclusions of 'The So-Called "Austin Mayor" Foundation'...

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dakota boy said...

I would give you your own colum, sumbitch, nobody that writes for my paper knows what sophistry is.


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