Friday, January 26, 2007

SCAM: An ignorant, wide-eyed, weak-kneed, ridiculous, phony

Well, I guess I'm not getting a Christmas card from Tom Roeser this year.


Windypundit said...

Heh. THAT's what I need to do to get more traffic on my blog! Piss off some blow-hard so he'll write about me!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, SCAM, that is some kind of badge of honor I think. Possibly you should replace the Zorn quote with this one?

Anonymous said...

Don't believe that the windbag Roeser doesn't delete comments.

He deleted my comment, so when he says he does not delete comments, he's proven (yet again) that he is a liar.

Sleestak said...

My comment was also deleted

Rich Miller said...

Wear it as a badge of honor.

We are judged as much by our enemies as our friends.

Garry said...

Ole Tom got all pissy about something I posted on Zorn's blog a couple of months ago.
It was wonderful, he was flat out fulminating about it on his own blog. I'll bet he can remember exactly what it was, but I don't, it was just fun to piss him off!

The Alias Kid said...

Once again deleted from Roeser's Blog.

Internet Rumors
There are rumors on the internet that you are deleting posts that sarcastically suggest that public figures do not have to answer every stupid little question about made up facts that are posed to them. Is this true? Answer: YES. I posed that your middle name was something horrific and that you don't have it featured prominently on your blog because it is Satan. And that you must now respond directly to me and prove that it's not. This is exactly what you've done to Obama. And Obama has responded the way you responded to me. Brushed off, ignored and deleted. Think about it Tom (if that is your real name.)
Posted By: Kid Alias - A.K.A. - The Alias Kid
at 1/27/2007 11:35:59 AM

The Alias Kid said...

Deleted from T.R.'s Blog

Getting our guy on the record
"Our guy" is "on the record." He wrote a book. In fact he wrote two. One was a memoir. A memoir is a kind of "record" of Obama's youth. Perhaps the reason he's not responding to your questions is that he doesn't want to talk to you, Tom Roeser, specifically. I know I wouldn't.

I've looked all over Tom Roeser's blog but can't find any reference to YOUR middle name. It must be something horrible and revealing to be such a well guarded secret. Maybe it's Hitler, or Frankenstein. Maybe you're one of those guys with two middle names, maybe your middle name is Stalin Satan. Indeed, I'm creating that "fact" from whole cloth right now. You must contact me directly and prove that your full name is not Tom Stalin Satan Roeser, or I and the public at large must assume it's true. I'm waiting Tom (if that is your real name).

Cheryl said...

So who is Tom Stalin Satan Roeser?


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