Monday, January 22, 2007

That'll Teach Ya Ta Vote!

From your Chicago Sun-Times:
About 100 computer discs with 1.3 million Chicago voters' Social Security numbers have been distributed to aldermen and ward committeemen, and the whereabouts of at least an additional six CDs with the same information are unknown, according to the Chicago Board of Elections. ***

[I]t will be difficult, if not impossible, for the Board of Elections to retrieve sensitive data physically scattered on more than 100 discs throughout the area.

The discs also contain voters' birth dates and addresses -- information that along with Social Security numbers can be used to commit identity theft.
Can we at least find out if the birth dates, addresses and Social Security numbers of Chicago voters are in the hands of this alderman and her friends?


OneMan said...

Wow, we don't get the SSN's on the voter lists here in Aurora or Kane County.


Jack OB said...

Aren't those missing disks only a reference stockpile of "dead" Democratic Chicago voters that they use in close elections?


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