Friday, July 13, 2007

"I'd have looked it up dear, but I didn't wanna be living in the past."

On Thursday, your Chicago Sun-Times published a column by Jennifer Hunter, the wife of Sun-Times publisher John Cruickshank, entitled "Democrats must stop living in past".

Today, your Chicago Sun-Times published the following correction:
Jennifer Hunter's column Thursday should have said that a quote from Arthur Schlesinger reflected President Kennedy's concerns. The column also should have stated that the Iraq war started more than four years ago.
But other than errors regarding issues of
who said what and when, I am sure that the piece is a thoughtful road-map for Democrats.

4 comments: said...

I recognize your sarcasm - but after rereading the Sun-Times piece a few times I have to say I find it terribly muddled - and not because of the factual errors. It's just a bad piece of writing. It's bad enough that I really can't clearly state her point clearly. Wow. said...

Whoops - make that one "clearly" :)

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Your reading of Ms. Hunter's prose comports with mine. I often find myself asking, "Why was this writer assigned to follow and report on the Obama campaign?"

Then I remember the oh so obvious answer: She's the publisher's wife and her columns on Barack Obama will one day, no doubt about it, be the basis of a book published about the first presidential campaign of the first black president.

And you can't let a little thing like muddled facts and muddied writing get in the way of the Cruickshank family retirement plan.


ArchPundit said...

It reads like a blog post I would write at about 2 AM with too many clauses per sentence, too long of sentences, and rambling stuff put together with no coherent idea.

She does state her opinion, but only in the last sentence of a paragraph that is buried and after any person not simply reading for the trainwreck value has stopped.

She needs to go back to writing 101 and use the inverted pyramid. I often have my students think they can move beyond the inverted pyramid before mastering it. She, and they, don't pull it off.

I pretended I was grading papers and, well, she didn't do well. And she uses the commas and dashes for effect than I do. I'm writing a silly blog. She is not. When I write formally, I don't do that.

What's truly amazing isn't that they publish the publisher's wife and it sucks. What's truly amazing is that they didn't edit it to save her the embarrassment of how bad her writing was. One might think someone is making a point by not editing it.


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