Monday, July 02, 2007

Uhh... You got any with Jughead in 'em?

An observation from Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter:
Hey, Kids! Comics!

Who doesn't remember those summers past?

You'd take a trip with one of your parents into town, wearing your swimsuit and a t-shirt and maybe flip flops. You'd stop by the Ben Franklin's and with the quarters you'd been saving in the tube sock from your clothes drawer you'd walk past the toys and past the candy and even past the fireworks right to the comic book section, just for the chance to buy 32 pages of wall to wall, cover to cover, morose reflection on death.

Life was never better!
The Hindustan Times reports that comic book writer Joseph Loeb wanted to use Captain America’s demise to help people who have lost their children relate to comic books.

"So many people have lost their sons and daughters over the years, for the greater good or to cancer or other horrible things. *** I wanted this to be something people would identify with."

And Cap thought he had it rough when his social mission was merely battling Hitler and the Nazi menace.


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