Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Brother is Reading You

Wired news asks, "Do You Write Like a Terrorist?":
You might think your anonymous online rants are oh-so-clever. But they'll give you away, too. A federally-funded artificial intelligence lab is figuring out how to track people over the Internet, based on how they write.

The University of Arizona's ultra-ambitious "Dark Web" project "aims to systematically collect and analyze all terrorist-generated content on the Web," the National Science Foundation notes. And that analysis, according to the Arizona Star, includes a program which "identif[ies] and track[s] individual authors by their writing styles.
But that AI analysis will only be effective if the anonymous internet writer also had writings published under his or her true name on the Internet.

Check and mate, Dark Web!


nursey boy said...

hopefully their AI is better than the AI that reads my G-mail; I got email the mentioned latinos and the first web rec it runs on the side is about italy.
With that kind of mojo; my publishing & a terroist like cat stevens could totally get transposed.
do you get to wear a seat belt when the black helicopters take you away?

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Nursey Boy,

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The robots are ruling the world... unfortunately, they're retarded.



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