Thursday, September 20, 2007



nursey boy said...

never mind the 1st amendmant. Was the incedent at a skull & bones meeting? it looks like only one hundred people there listening to kerry. If thats all the crowd he can gather the dems may have some trouble in 08' & taz-ing people is not going to get them to contribute

PS as a registered nurse i've never personally spoken to anyone killed by a tazer

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Have you spoken to people who were killed by means other than tazers? Are you some kind of necromancer?


nursey boy said...

I have actually spoken to quite a few dead people; eg "hey can you here me" to clarify none have spoken back. except maybe Jesus and that would certainly not be in 1st person.

{fyi i knew at the time i posted the original tongue in cheek tone wouldn't translate; I just like to see my own typed word make just as much logic as the expensive tazer defense lawyers/publicists}


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