Friday, September 21, 2007

Testy Trib Sacks Fuzzy Nut Crunch Toon

Here is the Sept. 14 Get Fuzzy strip that so rocked your Chicago Tribune they lacked the editorial cojones to print it:
Here is the bollocks behind the Tribune's nutty decision:
[Geoff Brown, associate managing editor for features] said he might determine that a particular comic's content is offensive once or twice a year. "Some people claim it's censorship, but I call it editing," he said. "We don't allow our own reporters to write vulgarities, double-entendres or untruths, even in jest."

He thought the "nut-crunch" joke was just vulgar.
Of course, Mr. Katt' observation in
the third panel -- "All goons are idiots" -- is axiomatic. But this question remains: "Must all editors be humorless goons?"

It is so disappointing when the Tribune lives up to Neil Steinberg's sour caricature.

UPDATE A correspondent asks, "If the Trib doesn't allow '
vulgarities, double-entendres or untruths' how do they explain this headline?"


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Ted said...

In the article referenced by the Update, third paragraph.

"This team is no small potatoes," said (quarterback) Keller.


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