Friday, September 28, 2007

Iraq: It Doesn't Add Up.

In today's Huffington Post, Bill Maher says, "Stop Saying Iraq is Another Vietnam, it's Another Enron":
Iraq is Enron, and President Bush is Ken Lay. He's fighting a war with phony accounting tricks. The Bush administration fudged the numbers to get us into Iraq, and cooked the books to keep us there. "The surge" is simply another in a long series of inflated stock quotes. This past weekend Marcel Marceau passed away at age 84. Doctors say he went quietly. Thus proving that evil thrives when good men stay silent. And just like with Enron, the good men and women who are blowing the whistle on Iraq contractor fraud are being vilified, fired, demoted, and those are the lucky ones.
Of course a significant difference is that the primary villain in the Enron crimes is now dead.

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