Friday, October 19, 2007


From your Chicago Tribune:
The measure fell 13 votes short of the two-thirds requirement to override the veto. The vote was 273-156, as 54 Republicans voted with Democrats to pass the bill, compared with 53 GOP members who voted for the bill when it first passed. Only two Democrats voted to sustain the veto compared with six who voted against the bill originally.

In the Illinois delegation, all 10 Democrats voted to override. Seven Republicans voted to uphold the veto while two, Reps. Mark Kirk and Ray LaHood, voted against the president.
And Bush couldn't be happier.


Little Merry Sunshine said...

FINALLY Mark Kirk (my rep) does something I agree with. Of course, I'm still not going to vote for him next year. But at least he voted correctly on this issue.

grand old partisan said...

Thinking that parents who make above-average incomes should be responsible for their own child's health insurance is hardly the same as telling kids to "drop dead."

Telling parents that they can decide whether or not their child has a right to live outside the that's telling them to "drop dead."

michael in chicago said...

Roskam as usual votes with Bush.

lms: Kirk didn't do the right thing. He did the political thing that might help save his skin.

GOP: Above average incomes? $40,000 a year? For a family of four? According to Senator Roberts of Kansas, one of the authors of the bill:

"Fact: This bill does not grant SCHIP coverage to children whose families have incomes over $40,000. In fact, the only way a state can cover children in families at higher income levels is if the administration grants approval for the state to do so. This is already current law, and this bill does not change that. This means that those states who are currently covering families with incomes as high as $70,000 are doing so not through congressional approval, but through waivers by the administration. However, this bill for the first time puts tough standards into place to ensure states are truly focusing their programs on low-income children."

Little Merry Sunshine said...

MIC, I don't care what Kirk's motivation was. Voting for SCHIP was the right thing. As I said, I'm still not going to vote for him (never have, never will), but his vote was correct on this issue.

Cheryl said...

I don't understand how anyone making $40,000 a year can afford to live on that with children. Children are expensive!

I also loved (not) Bush's suggestion that anyone who can't see a doctor because they don't have insurance just go to the emergency room. Yeah, right, that works out real well for people.

Rob said...


Since when has the GOP ... I mean Grand Ol' Partisan let something like mere facts get in the way of his bizarro-world spin? ;)


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