Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monkeys: Nature's Furry Goblins

There can be no doubt that the absurd passing of Delhi Deputy Mayor S. S. Bajwa -- death by a monkey attack -- can induce some snickers.

A regular SCAM correspondent compared it to a politician being killed by a mob of Smurfs.

But as I told him, Deputy Mayor Bajwa was not attacked by westernized organ-grinder monkeys, decked out in jaunty vests with matching caps, although that does create a striking mental image. No, Bajwa's killers were wild, savage monkeys.

And let me remind you, as I reminded him, that monkeys possess the uniquely lethal combination of 1) Opposable Thumbs, and 2) Fangs.

Thumbs and Fangs!

The deadly combination of thumbs and fangs is a powerful natural arsenal. Can there be any doubt that if tigers had thumbs they would rule the Earth? In fact, the thumb-fang combo is so powerful that God only gave it to two of His creations: Monkeys and Vampires!

Over the centuries, mankind has had great success in containing the threat of vampires. Perhaps the death of Deputy Mayor Bajwa is a sign that it is time to turn our attention to the other member of the Axis of Fanged Primates.

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nursey boy said...

FYI "furry gobblin" is so stolen by me; it just so much less ambiguous than furrie,


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