Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News You Can Use

I can't seem to stop myself from swiping the wit and wisdom of Mark Evanier:
A little while ago, I tuned in to CNN and saw Wolf Blitzer interviewing someone, and there were two smaller boxes on the screen. In one, they just had footage of raging fires consuming homes in Southern California. There was no information about this being given. The box was just for people who wanted to see homes burning down.

The second box was promoting Anderson Cooper's upcoming special on Global Warming. It was filled with shots of glaciers melting, water rising, drought-stricken land, etc.

In the main scene, Blitzer was discussing the War in Iraq and the latest casualty figures for American troops and Iraqi civilians.

And then along the bottom, there was a crawl telling us that portions of New Orleans that had been rebuilt since Katrina have been destroyed by the latest flooding.

I watched it all for about three minutes and then came to the following conclusion: The greatest threat facing us today is that Barack Obama doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin.

Maybe if everyone who read this blog went to Mr. Evanier's site and subscribed to his RSS feed, I could beat this compulsion to cut-and-paste his posts.

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Rob said...

And here I thought the greatest threat facing us today was that the mayor of New York was rooting for the BoSox.

I believe that is Sign #6.2 that the End Times are nigh. (6.1 being that the BoSox would win the World Series -- already happened. Luckily, Arizona saved us from Sign #6.3...)


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