Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm an Extremist, Left-Wing Political Punk For Pera!

To give the Mark Pera punks a hand, click here.

Click here and here for background.


OneMan said...

Do not poke Happy Funn Lip Machine....

Let the record reflect I thought you were a liberal punk way before Democratic bloggers made calling you that trendy... :-)

michael in chicago said...

Put this on a T-Shirt with "Punks for Pera" on the back!

Rob_N said...

Now we just need nose rings with the Pera'08 logo! We'll make a mint selling it to all the radicals in New York City!

(Anyone else think of that salsa commercial while reading the screed? "New York City!?!?!" Guess maybe I'm an extremist that way.)


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