Friday, August 15, 2008

Huffington Post Chicago: My First Impression

In an effort to establish local cred, HuffPoChi had John Cusack, a Chicago expatriate, composed a harmlessly vanilla ode to our Windy City.

Unfortunately, in that short piece, Mr. Cusack misspelled the name of former Cub, Larry Biittner. And he misspelled the name of former Blackhawk, Chris Chelios.

And the HuffPoChi's inaugural post repeatedly misspelled the name of a former member of the Chicago Bulls -- a fella named Michael Jordan.

Michael Freakin' Jordan!

Chicagoans' notorious homerism will no doubt lead them to forgive Mr. Cusack's transgressions, but our utter contempt for phonies could limit the long-term appeal of Huffington Post Chicago.


michelle said...

I sent a crabby e-mail to the Beachwood Reporter about this.

Mr. Chicago also misspelled Eugene O'Neill's name in his big smooch to Irish writers (though O'Neill was born in New York). Other transgressions: Eddie Gaedel pinch-hit for the St. Louis Browns not the White Sox, and Sammy Sosa wasn't on the Cubs in 1989 with Andre Dawson when they won the NL East.

So-Called Duechy Zorn Cornholer said...

Cusack lost all credibility when he pretended to be a Sox fan during the World Series. He's more annoying than Jim Belushi in his pseudo-Chicago spokesmanship.

So-Called Duechy Zorn Cornholer

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Grandma, your clever name isn't fooling anyone. It obviously combines your fear of the Media with your fear of sodomy.

I already apologized for involuntarily committing you to that crooked nursing home we saw on 60 Minutes -- but you had clearly descended into a paranoid dementia.

Perhaps if you start taking your medicines again you will regain your mental health and stop being so preoccupied with anal sex.

Then we can talk about your possible release from the home.

so-called "Austin Mayor"

So Called Zorny Salad Tosser said...

It's not fear, it's mockery of your hero-worship.

So-called Zorny Salad Tosser.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Yes, you got me.

I like Eric Zorn as a person and admire him as a writer, therefore, I must be a queer-homo, fag-gay butt pirate, faggot, fudge packer, pole smoker, homosexual, ass bandit, pillow biter, cock gobbler, flamer, anal jockey, butt cowboy, sausage jockey, fudgepacker, anal assassin colon cowboy, root hugger, cock smoker, turd burglar and a fairy.

There, now you don't have to bother writing those juvenile slurs in the comments.

You seem to have mistaken me for someone who would be wounded by your anti-gay epithets. Rather, I find them very, very boring.

Besides, if homosexuality were to play a significant role in Mr. Zorn and my relationship, it would be as rivals for the love and affection of Sen. Barack Obama.

He's soooo dreamy!

And with that, I say to you, "Good day, sir."

so-called "Austin Mayor"


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