Wednesday, February 01, 2006

6th District Scuffle

Michael-in-Chicago has posted an impassioned response to Rick Klau's post regarding the IL-06 fundraising numbers.

M-i-C makes many of the same points that I planned to make but for the lack of a few spare minutes to assemble my thoughts.

Rick posts his rebuttal here.

I hope to get all my crap in the same sock and pitch in my two cents later today.

But let me just say this for now (salty language alert!):

I do have a dog in this fight and I plan do my level best to help the Cegelis team win the election, so it does bother me when folks seem to dwell on the negative aspects of the fundraising, but I have to say that I am very pleased that there is so much interest in the 6th District race.

I can certainly remember a time when describing the outcome of a 6th District election as a foregone conclusion was an understatement. The District is up for grabs, the Dems can win the seat and that is a welcome change.

And anyone who says that Christine's campaign isn't one of the primary reasons that the 6th District is in play can kiss my ass.

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