Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union Review

For in depth analysis of George Bush's State of the Union 2006 speech, we now turn to Mark Evanier:
I am not watching the State of the Union address. I'm going out to run around the neighborhood in my gorilla suit.

It's more productive.
Thank you Mr. Evanier.

UPDATE: Apparently Peter David could not find his gorilla suit:
9:34: "We didn't know about their plans until it was too late." This is the point where Jon Stewart would cut to a clip of Condi Rice saying, "I believe the title was 'Bin laden intends to attack US'."

9:35: Hillary is shaking her head thinking, "You asshole."

9:35: The Master of Accountability insists that he must have an eavesdropping program that doesn't require accountability.

9:37: He has the gall to invoke FDR and JFK? ***

9:51: A firm grounding in math and science? Here's a fast way to start: Make it illegal for kids to have pocket calculators with them during math tests. What the hell is up with that?

9:52: We don't need more advanced math courses. We need more remedial courses. We've got a population that can't do the most basic functions.

9:53: Yes, we've become a more hopeful nation: And yet, no matter how much we hope, Bush is still there.

9:54: BUSH is talking about personal responsbility? That's like Hannibal Lecter talking about becoming a vegetarian.

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