Thursday, February 23, 2006

"They Are Won By Men (And Women)"

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. - attributed to General George Patton Jr.

Although analogies between elections and wars are at best trite and at worst dangerous, they are called campaigns. And that analogy can be stretched further in the campaign for the 6th District Democratic nomination, where we can divide the competitors into those who will be fighting a high-tech air campaign and those who will be conducting a guerilla ground war.

And, at the risk of violating the Geneva Convention by torturing this analogy, it seems that this endorsement by Democracy for America will garner the Cegelis team more grass-roots foot-soldiers:
Francine Busby Christine Cegelis Mary Jo Kilroy Lois Murphy

Yesterday was Justice Samuel Alito's first day on the Supreme Court bench. The high court now has a majority hostile to women's reproductive rights -- and their first order of business is hearing a case that could substantially alter the right to choose. We don't know what the Court will decide. But we do know that the best way to protect our rights is to elect a Democratic majority to Congress this November.

And that's why I am excited to announce the next DFA-List -- Francine Busby, Christine Cegelis, Mary Jo Kilroy and Lois Murphy for Congress. These four women are running in winnable districts. If we are going to elect a Democratic majority in 2006, we need to fight for victories in these races. Read more and make a contribution to their campaigns today:

Time and time again, DFA has surprised the pundits, winning in districts where Democrats have feared to tread for far too long. Today, I urge you to get involved in these critical races so we can take our country back in 2006!
Although there are those outside of the district who discount and denegrate the value of grass-roots boots on the ground (grass-boots?), I still think that a door to door, face to face ground campaign can overcome an assault of postcards and cable t.v. ads flown in from Washington.

Otherwise, to me, just what the hell is the point?

Note: As a former infantry platoon leader, I can see that the poor military/election campaign analogy, "battle-hardened" though it may be, has been stretched too thin and must be retired from service.

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