Monday, April 09, 2007

Chicago Aldermania: Let's Get Ready to Ruuumbllllle!

In today's issue, your Chicago Sun-Times both endorses Joe Moore (49th) and Naisy Dolar (50th) in the Chicago City Council runoffs. The S-T also reports that the Dolar campaign has raised more money than her entrenched opponent.

And Laura Washington takes a look at who's making the possible shake-up the City Council possible:
Thanks to the Big Box debate, the tide may be turning in the moribund Chicago City Council. The April 17 aldermanic runoffs have served up a cornucopia of financial peccadilloes. The labor unions are showering key candidates with big cash. That means some do-nothing aldermen who have been perennially snoozing their way to re-election may finally get booted off the public dole.

The unions are leveling the playing field long dominated by Mayor Daley's cash machine and the largess of his developer chums. ***

Lest we forget -- unions represent workers -- actual constituents who deserve representation. That's a silver lining I can live with.

Finally, here are two videos concerning a couple of the more hotly contested races.

The first is a television ad from Joe Moore that ties 70% of his opponents campaign cash to an SOB that funded the Swift Boat ads.

The second isn't an ad for Naisy Dolar; it's actually a long-scheduled candidates forum on WTTW11's Chicago Tonight.

But it can't help but seem like an ad for Dolar since her opponent didn't even bother to show up.

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