Monday, April 16, 2007

The Close of the Neolithic and the Dawn of a New Age

Anticipating Bernie Stone's appearance on Political Shoot-Out yesterday, Jeff Berkowitz, Host/Producer of "Public Affairs," reminds us that, even in the closing days hours of the 50th Ward Race, Stone refused to face Naisy Dolar:
By the Way, talking of Roeser’s guests, Roeser’s Political Shoot-Out call in show [featured] journalist and attorney Russ Stewart, who has forgotten more about Chicago aldermanic politics than most journalists could hope to know, along with always colorful, Berny Stone, the 34 year incumbent 50th Ward alderman who is in the race of his life with Naisy Dolar. Dolar, who was the runner-up to Stone in a tough, five-candidate race on February 27th, hopes to become the first Asian-American alderman in the Chicago City Council. The Jewish 79 year old Stone has argued, on Public Affairs, February 11, 2007, that he is facing anti-Semitism and ageism in the race.

Ald. Stone argued on Craig Dellimore’s At Issue [WBBM 780 AM Radio, Sundays, 9:30 am and 9:30 pm], last week, that the Asian-American community is supporting him over his Asian- American opponent. Dolar, for her part, argues that she has local Asian-American community support but also has the confidence of the 50th Ward “to be the representative for the entire community.” Stone countered on “At Issue,” that the “Jewish community [the largest minority group in the 50th] was told, ‘Hey, pack up, and get the Hell out of here.’ That’s what the newspapers have told them. The Jewish community will go unrepresented if she is elected… “

Stone-Stewart should be interesting. However, if Stone is calling in, Dolar should do so as well, and I would imagine Tom Roeser would give her equal time. When Berkowitz invited Stone, recently, to come back on Public Affairs, but this time to make it a joint appearance with his opponent, Naisy Dolar, Ald. Stone declined. Not very sporting and not very good for democracy. Perhaps, Roeser can correct that situation tonight.
The Dolar Election Day Press Room indicates that, to no one's surprise, Roeser didn't correct that situation.

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