Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stone Throwing in the 50th Ward

Chicagoist, "a website about Chicago", takes a look at the 50th Ward race:
Naisy Calls Bernie on his BS.

In the 50th Ward, Naisy Dolar has refused incumbent Alderman Stone's most recent offer to debate her. According to the Dolar campaign in "February, Berny Stone told the Chicago Reader that he would debate his opponents one-on-one, and this was reiterated in a WBEZ-FM story later. He has since had two opportunities to appear at a debate: 1) the West Rogers Park Community Organization's Candidates’ Forum (video link) on March 11; and 2) on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight," (video link) PBS Channel 11, on April 2. He failed to appear at the first, and backed out of the latter."

Now his campaign wants to set up a debate for April 12, five days before the vote. Dolar claims that this is too late for the local press to adequately cover the event. She is also raising questions about the legitimacy of the debate, charging that the neutral community groups Stone claims are sponsoring it aren't actually involved. No word yet on Stone's side of the argument.
Your Chicago Tribune reports that Stone is desperately resorting to name calling:
Stone recalled his father was a house painter and union member, and contrasted that with his opponent, saying she was born "with a silver spoon in her mouth." Dolar, who was born in the Philippines, is the daughter of two doctors.
But Stone did not address the issue of parental privilege as it applies to this race, i.e. if the 79-year-old Stone wins, will he step down and hand his seat on the city counsel to his silver-tongued daughter Ilana?


AnonymousKid said...

(Begin Rant) Stone has no intention of fulfilling his duties in the next four years any more than he's ulfilled them in the last 20. Its common knowledge that he intends to pass the baton to his inexperienced potty mouthed daughter, not that it takes much experience to do for the 50th what Berny Stone has done. Look at the list of endorsements Naisy has racked up on her website, then for a real laugh go to Berny Stone's website and look at his list of accomplishments. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the most recent accomplishment he has listed is from 1979. His event's page lists "Pass Port Assistance" on January 30, 2007. (Lets not even get into whether or not you want passport assistance from someone who thinks passport is two words). That was two months ago! His latest press release is from November of 2006, and it's merely his announcement that he's running for reelection. If you want evidence of how utterly useless this guy is for the 50th, he's got his own website to show you. (End Rant)

Muhammad said...

There is a potentially big story breaking right now in this race!!
Scene: 6224 N California, ICNA Mosque Wall.
What happened: The Muslim community brought in a highly regarded artist, (Mohammed Ali, check him out here: )to to do a mural repersenting the diversity of the community and with the message of 'PEACE' in both Arabic and English! Bernie rolled in with his gang at the prompting of Company 71 CFD who stated to him, "After all that happened in New York (9/11), and everytime we have to go out we dont want to see that [the mural]." We video taped them and expect this to be on Youtube shortly.
B. Stone basically said, "Hey stop your work you need a permit for a sign that is to be over 100 sq/ft" but look at this, the chicago zoning ordinace says, "17-12-0500...The following are exempt from regulation under this Zoning Ordinance and do not require sign permits...17-12-0504 Works of art with no commercial message; and.." So what does this mean? The CFD and the Unions dont support Stone, is he caving into a racist and Islamophobic crew here? Did I get the law wrong? Any help?


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