Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Machine Guns?!?

Alan Keyes, owner of a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol and a .38-caliber "six-shooter," insists that the Constitution protects machine gun ownership:
Alan Keyes said Tuesday he believes the U.S. Constitution grants properly trained private individuals the right to own and carry machine guns.

"You're not talking about giving citizens access to atom bombs and other things," the former presidential candidate said. "That's ridiculous."

But the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate argued the founding fathers intended the Second Amendment to allow people to carry the types of weapons "customarily carried in those days by ordinary infantry soldiers."

"And, yes, does that mean that in this day and age people would have the right to have access to the kind of the weapons our ordinary infantry people have access to? With proper training and so forth to make sure that they could handle them successfully, that's exactly what was meant."
Let me get this straight: The Second Amendment evolves to encompass new weaponry, but the rest of the Bill of Rights is frozen in 1788? Rhetorical consistency must not be a requirement for handgun ownership in Maryland.

Via Chicago Sun-Times

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