Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Putting "Race" back into the "Illinois Senate Race"

I thought that the IL-GOP escorted Alan Keyes into our fair state to take race of the table.

I must have misunderstood, because Keyes now proposes slavery reparations in the form of an exemption from income tax. And his opponent Barack Obama proposes programs that would benefit all Americans -- regardless of race -- who are struggling.

Keyes on Monday said he supported reparations for descendants of slaves -- an apparent switch in his position.

Keyes suggested descendants of slaves should be exempt from paying federal income taxes. But in a March 27, 2002, transcript of his show "Making Sense," Keyes -- who wants to abolish the federal income tax for everyone -- suggested that reparations were an insult.

"You want to tell me that what they suffered can actually be repaired with money?" Keyes asked at the time.

Keyes, through a spokesman, said late Monday he does not support reparations if other people's money is used. "If you couldn't get the income tax abolished totally, that [exemption for slave descendants] is incremental progress," spokesman Bill Pascoe said.

Obama said Monday he did not support reparations. Instead, he said he favored "investments" that would benefit all Americans who are struggling. "Things like early childhood education, job training, college scholarships, provide opportunity to all people," Obama said. "I'm just in favor of investments for people in need and struggling."
This misunderstanding has to be my fault because, as we've been told ad nauseam, Alan Keyes is 1) a man of principle and 2) a brilliant communicator.

Quote from the Chicago Sun-Times.

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