Tuesday, August 31, 2004

40 million links between Bush and Swift Boat Vet

The Washington Post reports that Rear Admiral William L. Schachte Jr., the man who claims John Kerry was not under fire when he received his first Purple Heart, is a top lobbyist for a defense contractor that recently won a $40 million grant from the Bush administration. According to a March 18 legal filing by Mr. Schachte's firm, Blank Rome, Mr. Schachte was one of the lobbyists working for FastShip's effort to secure federal contracts.

Mr. Schachte has other connections to the Bush administration. The Washington Post also notes David Norcross, Schachte's colleague in the Washington office of Blank Rome, is chairman of this week's Republican convention in New York. Additionally, Mr. Schachte helped organize veterans' efforts against Sen. John McCain and for George W. Bush in the 2000 South Carolina primary.

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