Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Olbermann examines the relationship between Bill Rood, the Chicago Tribune, The Cubs, The Mayors Daley, John Kerry and the Democratic Party

Keith Olbermann addresses the Chicago Tribune's stories of and by its metro editor Bill Rood, which confirmed John Kerry's version of the events in Vietnam of February 28, 1969:
The Daley/Tribune battle has grown so fierce that the city, on inconclusive structural evidence, has threatened to padlock Wrigley Field, home of the Tribune's wholly-owned baseball money-machine, the Chicago Cubs. This is war between Daley the Democrat and the vast Tribune Corporation.

And the Trib's suits ran Rood's historical valentine to Kerry anyway.

News organizations are populated by humans, most of them politically aware, and many of them politically slanted. But news organizations are owned, virtually uniformly, by gigantic corporations that are, almost by charter, conservative. I worked for Tribune -- they're conservative. I worked within baseball -- it's conservative.

So there's the political affiliation back-story to the Rood pieces. The stories wind up being pro-Kerry, and they're printed while the Conservative corporation for which the editors who approved them work, is locked in a steel-cage match with a Democratic mayor who wants to screw their Conservative ballclub. I think the non-partisanship of the reporting passes the smell test.

It looks like a little truth has escaped, swimming upstream against a torrent of internal self-interest that prevails more often than not.
If you -- like me -- are annoyed by Olbermann's use of the word "impactful," please consult this site which asserts, "There’s no simple alternative to impactful."

Update: I have not added "impactful" to this blog's spellchecker.

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