Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Bush Recovery in action

I'll bet these folks in Galesburg just can't wait for George Bush to slash their capital gains taxes.
Two years after learning their jobs would disappear, the last production workers walked out of Maytag's Galesburg plant Thursday, some hauling cut-rate refrigerators or work benches and others clutching only years of memories.
Nearly 900 workers lost their jobs this week at the half-century-old plant, which become a symbol of America's job losses to foreign factories when Maytag announced in late 2002 that it would move the jobs to plants in Mexico and Iowa.
Many of the plant's workers are bitter over losing jobs they thought would stretch to retirement.
"I think 90 percent of the people here thought that. They thought 'This is Maytag. They aren't going anywhere,''' said Kevin Bowman, 47, who spent 26 years at the plant where his dad retired after 40 years.
from the Quad-City Times

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