Monday, September 27, 2004

Lesbian parents and parents of lesbian

Chaplain at Opus Dei school in Kenya says Barack Obama better get homophobic if he wants Kenyans to look up to him:
Promoting the gay-lesbian agenda has practical consequences. A male couple can adopt a boy and be his parents. The boy has to cope with living with two gay men. This is the worst form of injustice one can possibly impose on a child. A female couple can go to a fertility clinic to get a test-tube baby, allowing one of the two to give birth. The baby has to grow up with two lesbian mothers and no father. In some states, this is already happening. If it seems like a mess, it gets worse. But the more dreadful consequences are too revolting to put in print.
Consequences even more dreadful than two loving, accepting parents? That doesn't sound so bad.

But if you want an example of actual revolting parenting, you need look no further than here and here. The father of that poor young lady truly has imposed "the worst form of injustice" on his child.

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