Wednesday, September 08, 2004


President Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David during his father's tenure in office, and First Lady Laura Bush was a pot-smoking drug dealer in college, according to an Independent summary of claims said to be made in Kitty Kelley's forthcoming book, "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty."

From the Washington Post:
[Peter Gethers, vice president of Random House and Kelley's editor] said Kelley used more unnamed sources in the book than she generally does, but that this doesn't diminish its credibility.

"We either know who the sources are or are extremely confident from what Kitty said that they're genuine," he said. "People are very afraid to go on the record for this book. Kitty is a fearless reporter; even her detractors would acknowledge that. But she's tackling a sitting president of the United States and ex-president of the United States." Potential sources, he said, "are afraid that these people can literally ruin their lives, and ruin them socially in Washington."
I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly don't believe that these charges could be true. Of course Mr. Bush intentionally misled the nation into war in Iraq, but cocaine use?

I just can't believe that a rich, hard-partying, third-generation son-of-privilege like Mr. Bush would even know where to find cocaine.

I hope that the President is cleared of these scurrilous allegations -- after a thorough airing of the matter in the press.

Update: And even if it were true:

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