Sunday, September 19, 2004

An examination of Alan Keyes' broad support in the Black Community

You can click here to read the Washington Times commentary by Alvin Williams, president of Black America's Political Action Committee, in which he uses BAMPAC polling as support for his statement that:
The Keyes-Obama Senate race should be seen in a different context than that presented by the media and other so-called experts. It is not, as the media and others suggest, a race between a candidate who reflects African- American public opinion and a conservative outsider.
This campaign is a historic race between two African-American candidates whose differences of opinion and political perspective mirrors the diversity of opinion and political perspective among African-Americans.
But you will need to read this story from the Peoria Journal Star to find out that Black America's Political Action Committee was founded in 1994 by Alvin Williams' "personal friend": Alan Keyes.

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