Thursday, September 16, 2004

The golden touch of Dave Syverson

This mistake by Dave Syverson is really nothing when compared to his mistake of bringing Alan Keyes to Illinois.

From WTVO in Rockford
Before Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama's visit to Rockford Wednesday, local Republicans put out a news release claiming the State Senator had voted for major funding cuts to Rock Valley College.

It turns out the statement is not entirely true.

The news release was titled "Why Obama opposes Rock Valley College."

It claimed he voted for a budget plan that cut funding to the local college by 4% and increased money for Chicago community colleges.

It turns out Obama actually voted against the plan.
Maybe I am being pedantic but doesn't that make the statement entirely false rather than "not entirely true"?

"I think they assumed that I voted for this last year's budget as well as the last year's and they were mistaken about that so they should have checked their facts," said Obama.

Rockford State Senator Dave Syverson, who helped put out the news release, admits the information was wrong.

"I stand corrected," Syverson told WTVO.

But Syverson believes Obama, who was the only Democrat to vote against the plan, did so to avoid controversy in his U.S. Senate race.
Just to be clear: Syverson doesn't know what Obama did, but he knows why he did it.

The budget that eventually was approved by the General Assembly during its overtime session - and supported by Obama - kept funding levels for RVC the same.

Syverson also claims Obama did vote for last year's budget that cut funding to Rock Valley College.
Thanks again Dave, I'm glad you're on their side.

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