Sunday, September 19, 2004

Michelle Obama has broiled salmon

Debra Pickett had Sunday Lunch with Michelle Obama:
Michelle Obama is just like me. And you. And your stylish-but-harried working mom neighbor who, right at this very moment, is struggling to get the groceries out of the car as her cell phone rings and her toddler demands a snack.

Obama, the wife of U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama, just happens to mention, over a lunch of broiled salmon at the Hyde Park French restaurant La Petite Folie, that she feels as though she shares a lot of "Midwestern values" with her husband's white, Kansas farm-raised grandmother. And that she and her husband "don't have a huge savings fund" for their two young daughters. And that when she attends potluck suppers at the kids' school, she always tries to be dessert mom so she can go to the store and buy a pie, rather than having to cook something.


"My focus has been making sure my kids' lives are normal in all of this," she says, "that they make their play dates and we don't forget the potluck and I get all their forms in on time so that they're not, 'Oh, the Obama kids didn't get their shots ...' I just don't want them to have that kind of experience where people are making exceptions because their parents are so busy and they can't go to the birthday party because they're at the rally. We've got to sign them up for activities and get them there and get them picked up and make sure I know the moms in the class and that I'm visible in the classroom."

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