Wednesday, January 18, 2006

GOP's D.C. Fundraising Syndicate "Rallied Around" Roskam

From The Hill:
Republican state Sen. Peter Roskam is expected to report later this month having raised more than $380,000 in the fourth quarter of 2005, ending the year with approximately $825,000 in the bank. ***

Contending that Hyde’s solidly GOP 6th District is trending Democratic — his Democratic challenger, Christine Cegelis, gave the Republican his most spirited race in years in 2004 — Democrats say the time is ripe, with the president’s sinking poll numbers, for a Democratic pickup.

Republicans scoff at that logic, noting that while Republicans have rallied around Roskam, Democrats are mired in a primary. Despite leading Democrats’ having thrown their support behind Duckworth, Cegelis, who launched her second House bid shortly after losing her first, remains popular among local Democrats.
Note: "Leading Democrats" is Washington insider-speak for "D.C. Democrats." And "local Democrats" is insider-speak for "Democrats living the district."

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