Thursday, January 19, 2006

"It's like rain on your wedding day..."

A friend of mine once proposed that one difference between conservatives and liberals was that conservatives lacked the ability to appreciate irony or sarcasm.

Alas, Tom Roeser's evaluation of Rahm Emanuel -- wrapped in a love letter to Prince Peter -- will do nothing to change that friend's opinion:
Emanuel believes in exerting maximum leverage in behalf of increased health care. Duckworth says in her literature: “I’ve been so fortunate to have received the best health care possible for me to overcome my war injuries.” So far so good-but then she coyly employs a device that sounds like Emanuel rather than herself. “But when I’m out in public, people come up to ask me about my prosthetic legs and how they can assist a relative who has lost a leg to diabetes.”

Question: Can you imagine that you or anyone you know would go up to a legless war veteran, point at her metal stick legs and ask how a diabetic relative can get so equipped with a prosthesis? The response should evoke the old Chicago saying, “give me a break!” It is vintage Emanuel to whom there is no lightness, just the clenched fist raw partisanship that fits tough Chicago wards. There is no modulating pedal for Emanuel as some of his other candidates learned to their discomfiture.
"There is no lightness, just the clenched fist raw partisanship."

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