Thursday, January 19, 2006

What WILL You Do In the War, Grandpa?

From the AP:
After falling well short of its recruiting goals last year, the Army has set even higher monthly targets for this summer, hoping that new financial incentives will attract high school and college graduates despite continuing deaths in Iraq.

From June to September, the Army will try to recruit 8,600 to 10,400 soldiers a month.

To help reach those goals, a new law will allow the Army to give larger financial bonuses for enlistments and re-enlistments, doubling the maximum payment to $40,000 for new active-duty recruits and to $20,000 for reservists. It will also raise the top age for recruits to 42 from 35.
At the rate this is going, when Bush retires from the White House, he will be able to re-enlist in the Texas Air National Guard.

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