Monday, April 17, 2006

Hastert's Vietnam Tour

Lynn Sweet of your Chicago Sun-Times, highlighted a key passage in Reuters' report on Denny Hastert's visit to Vietnam:
Reuters reported that Hastert is asking Congress to allow Vietnam to join the World Trade Organization, saying the "greater good" outweighed human rights concerns. Hastert told reporters on a three-day visit to Vietnam that some members would put religious and human rights constraints on any trade bill.

"But in the long run for the greater good it is important for us to pass this legislation," said Hastert, an Illinois Republican who led a delegation of House members to Hanoi to meet government leaders.
China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and now Vietnam...

Has there ever be a single instance where the advocates of global corporatization didn't determine that, once again, the "greater good" outweighed human rights concerns? Will there ever be a case where the rights of human beings are seen as a "greater good" than the amoral rush for even greater corporate profits?

And let's take a moment to congratulate Denny on the good news that his sports injury is no longer keeping him out of Vietnam.

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Carl Nyberg said...

Sometimes the corporatists find Jesus on human rights. For example, when they can use "human rights" to justify going to war and putting money in their businesses directly.


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