Monday, April 24, 2006

These Items Are Unrelated

From the must-read Beachwood Reporter:
The professional monitors over at the Sun-Times gave over the top half of its front page on Sunday to advertising its White Sox "mini-baseballs" promotion, including prominent mention of participating retailers Walgreens, 7-Eleven, White Hen, and Speedway. Then it published a page three "news" story by staff reporter Shamus Toomey about the promotion. Another "news" story appears on page three today.
From the Chicago Headline Club:
The Chicago Headline Club will not present an Ethics in Journalism Award this year. The organization's board of directors decided that this year's nominees failed to demonstrate the high standards required for the honor.

The Ethics in Journalism Award has been presented annually since 1996. The award honors Chicago area reporters, editors or news organizations that distinguish themselves in journalism by performing in an ethical and sensitive manner.
Completely unrelated.

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