Thursday, April 13, 2006

While You Were Out

To: Billy Weinberg, Friends of Tammy Duckworth
From: So-Called "Austin Mayor"
Subject: Please call Bill Thomasson of Oak Park, ASAP.

From your Elk Grove Times:
Bill Thomasson, an Oak Park resident, spent part of two years walking precincts and canvassing on behalf of the Cegelis campaign. He and others haven't heard from Duckworth yet and they're waiting.

"I think her campaign knows that they need to reach out. I am kind of at the point where I'm going to sit back and see what they are going to do before I decide what I am going to do," Thomasson said. ***

Thomasson said the fastest way to get people like him on board with Duckworth would be to announce a combined campaign with all the Democratic candidates in the 6th District.

"Under that type of an arrangement, I would have no problem passing out Tammy Duckworth literature along with literature from local candidates, working for [Duckworth]," he said.

It would show long-suffering local Democrats that Duckworth is committed to a district long considered too conservative to be bothered with by Dem candidates, Thomasson said.

"What Tammy Duckworth needs to demonstrate to us is that she has what it takes to win in the 6th District which is dominated by Republicans," he said.
And Billy, you really oughtta give Rob Bisceglie and Joe Vosicky a call too.


Liz said...

Gee, and I thought the Duckworth campaign's big plan to "remind (us) what's at stake" (as her spokesman so eloquently stated the day after the primary) would have us all clamboring to volunteer for the same organization that worked so hard to let us know that our efforts over the past two + years to build a strong & competitive democratice party in the western suburbs were not only unnecessary but unwanted! It sounded foolproof, didn't it?? I suspect that rather than wait for a call of concilation from the Duckworth camp (likely to be too little, too late anyway) a lot of us democratic footsoldiers are putting our energy and checkbooks behind candidates at all levels of state and local government who actually represent our communities AND have conducted their campaigns in a way that builds toward not just this November, but the future of our grass-roots organizations and the party as well. Not, as Duckworth's spokesman stated, for a "once in a generation" chance to win a single house seat this fall.

Bridget Dooley said...

Bill Thomasson is dead on in his assertion that the Duckworth camp needs to demonstrate a vested interest in the long term Democratic organization and strategy within IL-6. We will still be here sustaining a grassroots Democratic network built upon the idea of electing Democrats to public office long after the election in November...whether or not Tammy Duckworth is elected to Congress.

I hope that Tammy Duckworth understands that this isn't about her and her particular candidacy. It is about electing Democrats to Congress and other public offices in order to gain a majority and push through our agenda. That goal will continue long after Tammy Duckworth's campaign this year.

It is my belief that Duckworth has the opportunity to turn the tide on her public persona within the local activist community by demonstrating a commitment to a larger and longer term strategy much bigger than her campaign. Whether or not she chooses to recognize and grab that opportunity is entirely up to her.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Perhaps the Duckworth campaign will invite the IL-6 Grassroots Dems to come out and support the campaign at one of the events listed on their website.

Oh wait.

There are no -- ZERO -- Duckworth events listed for April, May or June.

I hate to be a bummer, but right now I don't think the Friends of Duckworth would know what to do with grassroots supporters if they had any.

Anonymous said...

Huh, you mean there is another Democrat running in the Sixth? I though the one running was named Billy something or other. Who's the Duckworth person? Haven't seen a Democratic candidate around these parts since the 21st of March.


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