Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Told You It Was Good

From the Best Comics of 2005 issue of The Comics Journal:
A couple of years back I called this webcomic the funniest strip on the Internet. Allow me to amend that: Achewood is the funniest comics strip currently being produced in the English language. Taking full advantage of the lack of editorial insight and timidity he'd be laboring under if signed to an actual newspaper syndicate, Onstad regularly leaps from rude humor to character-based comedy to out-an-out weirdness with the grace and skill of a practiced acrobat -- the Cartilage Head sequence from September 2005 may well be the most surreal comics narrative I've read since Ed the Happy Clown. Every time I think I know where this strip is going. Onstad proves me wonderfully, wonderfully wrong. I love that.
-- Dirk Deppy, Managing Editor of The Comics Journal.

I cannot lie: Achewood is my favorite comic strip, and on some days it's my favorite comic, period. It takes a little reading to get into Chris Onstad's mindset, and then it becomes the funniest thing ever. The past year has been exceptional. Onstad is like the Thomas Edison of being hilarious.
-- Shaenon Garrity, Narbonic creator and editor for Viz.
Achwood: Read It. Love It. Buy a T-Shirt.

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