Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kids These Days...

From your Chicago Sun-Times:
An art teacher at a Northwest Side junior high school has been fired, days after she was accused of hurling racially insensitive comments at Mexican students in her classroom, officials announced Wednesday evening. ***

Students said the teacher, angry because she believed someone in the class had gotten paint on her jacket, said during a Friday art class that "all Mexicans are criminals" and that Mexicans "were only born to clean floors."
Something that has been lost in the coverage of this incident is the maturity and restraint of the students at Aspira Haugen Middle School.

If a teacher had dissed my classmates' and my families like that when I was in junior high -- that teacher would have gone home in a bucket.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe this. The kids made accusations, the press printed it and everyone believes it. Now there's democracy in action. I must have read a total of 3 statements with a critical question. Sounds like these kids are practicing the aspira motto of enpowering latinos.


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