Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Roskam Compares Single Mothers to Criminals

Okay... I admit it... that headline is dishonest.

But it is no more dishonest than Roskam's analysis of this proposed legislation offering tax credits to businesses who help rehabilitate ex-convicts.
"It's a concept that can sound interesting in theory, at dinner conversation," said Sen. Peter Roskam, R-Wheaton, who wondered, for example, about legislation that might prompt employers to hire ex-felons instead of single mothers. "But when you really start to put pen to paper, that's when you run into problems."
It would not be the first time that Roskam misrepresented a legislative proposal in a way that was "just disgusting."


Philosophe Forum said...

Roskam has never been convicted (yet -- maybe after the DA's office gets their act together).

Roskam can never be a single mother (damn the luck!).

Roskam has never been an employer (& hopefully never will be).

Roskam couldn't be more UNqualified to make a statement on this issue if he tried.

NW burbs said...

Roskam may play nice on tv and even in person... but man is he a radical li'l rascal with a bizarro agenda ("bizarro" in every sense of the word).


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