Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Our immigration laws are absurd."

Once again, Steve Rhodes has stolen the thoughts from my mind even before I could fully formulate them:
Our immigration laws are absurd.

While illegal immigrants didn't follow the law to get here, they did something even more courageous: They risked life and limb to make a better life for themselves and, in many cases, even more so, for their children. You might say that no one wants to be an American more than an illegal immigrant from Mexico.
Did you miss the immigration rights rally yesterday?

Do you wanna know what happened and what may come of it?

Then check out your Beachwood Reporter's roundup your local papers coverage.

Note: You really should be reading The Beachwood Reporter every day. It's good and good for you -- like that daily glass of vino.

And it won't spill it and stain your shirt.


Russell said...

Amnesty for Immigrants and Republicans!

If we can argue amnesty for the hard working Hispanic immigrants who happen to be breaking the law earning a living, should we not at least consider forms of amnesty for our Washington politicians, insiders and power players, currently raping the Lady Liberty's purse? Is it not the fear of getting caught compelling them to pillage the public to their dying days? Could not a reasonable time frame be implemented wherein the offending corporations, individuals, etc, will have the proper incentives to put their houses in order? Alas, well before an amnesty cut-off, a Democratically controlled congress would first need to trash all the ineffective laws currently dealing with conflicts of interest and put into the void simple clear laws to govern and prosecute with. May I suggest electing an Independent Ethics Commissioner to sit as the Chair of a Joint Senate/House Ethics Committee, with the scope and power of a Grand Jury? It's all smoke and mirrors in Washington D.C. these days. Watching the lawlessness in our capital is like watching vultures picking at a corpse.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


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