Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Strippers Converge on Chicago

This weekend Chicago will host the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Awards. And this Thursday, May 25th from 5-7pm, the cartoonists and creators of 10 Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune comic strips will be signing their books at the Borders on State and Randolph:
  • Lynn Johnston - For Better or For Worse
  • Dan Piraro - Bizarro
  • Bill Amend - Foxtrot
  • Rick Kirkman - Baby Blues
  • Darrin Bell - Candorville/Rudy Park
  • Jef Mallett - Frazz
  • Paul Gilligan - Pooch Cafe
  • Greg Evans - Luann
  • Mark Pett - Lucky Cow
  • Mort Walker - Beetle Bailey
So head over to the Borders on State and Lake, and find out why the troops of Camp Swampy haven't been deployed to Fallujah.

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