Monday, May 22, 2006

"The Plan"

Lynn Sweet of your Chicago Sun-Times informs us that Barack Obama is not the only Illinois Democrat publishing a book:
I surmise Obama will not be penning a how-to-fix-the-broken-system volume. He's leaving that to Rep. Rahm Emanuel.

"Rahm is writing a book with Bruce Reed, which is sort of 'here is where we need to go,'" Obama says.

Clinton White House veteran Emanuel, along with Reed, a Clinton domestic policy adviser, are writing a book titled The Plan, due out in August.

As a special treat for readers of this blog, here is a sneak-peek at the three phases of The Plan:

  1. Undermine Grassroots
  2. ???
  3. Win!
Man, I sure hope they do the Phase Two roll-out before November.


Carl Nyberg said...

Rahm's plan is to take care of the insiders and to try to reproduce the success of 1992.

Jake Parrillo said...

When do we collect the underpants?!?

Anonymous said...

Step 2: Help elect those who will enlarge Emanuel's power base and that of his friends like Steny.


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