Friday, May 19, 2006

"What Happened Is True. Now the Motion Picture That's Just as Real."

From your Chicago Tribune:
The distributors of the film *** submitted the poster to the MPAA, which must approve publicity materials for the films it rates, on April 24. It was rejected the next day.
Two genuine movie posters are reproduced below.

One film is about "America's most bizarre and brutal crimes," the other is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Can you guess which poster was rejected by the MPAA?

That's right.

The MPAA approved the one featuring the image of woman with her arms bound above her head being menaced by a man wearing a blood-stained smock and brandishing a bloody chainsaw.

But I suppose that if I, like the MPAA, were seeking a vastly expanded copyright to protect my floundering industry, I might do the bidding of the administration responsible for the Guantanamo abuses as well.

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