Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Don't Go All Crazee Now

From your Chicago Tribune:
Authorities are urging White Sox fans to stay home and watch tonight's game on television with friends and families -- and not to come down to U.S. Cellular Field to celebrate if the team clinches the World Series tonight in Houston.

"There's no sanctioned celebration at the Cell, and we're asking people not to come down there," Chicago police Supt. Phil Cline said. ***

Police have said they expected most of the revelry near the ballpark, the Far South Side nightlife corridor on South Western Avenue and the nightclub district centered on Rush and Division Streets on the Near North Side.

"We've gone around to all the bars in those neighborhoods and asked them not to serve alcohol in bottles or cans, to use paper or plastic cups, and to watch their occupancy levels and not exceed the safe occupancy levels for their establishments," Cline said.

Ald. James Balcer, whose 11th Ward is home to the White Sox, urged fans to "celebrate safe. Enjoy the game at home with families and friends."

"We are discouraging anyone from coming down to U.S. Cellular Field this evening if the Sox clinch," Balcer said. "Wait for the city to announce the citywide celebration."

"This is our neighborhood," the alderman continued. "If you are here celebrating at a local establishment, treat the area as you would treat your own neighborhood…with respect."

Rowdiness, disorderly conduct and civil disobedience, he added, "will not be tolerated."

Police are beefing up their presence in three key areas: The Deering District, where the Cell is located; the Morgan Park District, which covers the Beverly neighborhood; and the East Chicago District, which includes North Rush Street, police spokesman Patrick Camden said.

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