Saturday, October 15, 2005


As long-time readers of this blog may have noticed, I do my best to avoid using profanity in blog postings.

I find that four-letter words distract from the ideas behind a writing so -- although I sometimes quote others' use of four-letter words -- I have tried to keep them to a minimum.

And it is only in the interests of profanity minimization that I will not attempt to ascribe any adjectives or descriptive nouns to Adam Teiichi Yoshida, the author of the following steaming pile:
Despite the fantasies of more than a few Barack Obama will never be the President of the United States.

To begin with, there are some obvious problems. Leaving aside whether a black man would have specific difficulties in being elected President (and, frankly, I think that most of the disadvantages of skin color would be offset by other advantages), I think that someone whose name is one letter removed from "“Osama"” and whose farther [sic] was a Moslem will obviously be starting with some serious disadvantages.

And, while I'’m at it, I'’ll also ad [sic] that there are (unconfirmed) rumours that Obama himself is secretly a Muslim. Now, I don'’t believe them but, if Obama ever runs for President, I won'’t mind spreading them. There'’s also the more serious matter of his father'’s reported involvement with Mau Mau terrorists in Kenya, something else which would probably come up in a Presidential campaign.

But let'’s leave all of that aside for now: the "“Imams for Truth"” are least four (and more probably eight or twelve) years away. The real thing which will ensure that Barack Obama will never be President is much simpler than that: he'’s an ultra-liberal.

Osama (I mean Obama) is so liberal that he makes John Kerry look like Bob Dornan.
And in an example of conservatives' Orwellian inversion and perversion of language, this cesspool of right-wing slander and lies is posted at a site called "The Reality Check".

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