Thursday, October 13, 2005


From your Chicago Sun-Times:
After Tuesday's disappointment of a series-opening loss to the Angels, fans fled Sox Park.

But after Wednesday night's dramatic, disputed, 2-1 White Sox victory, they lingered to celebrate.

Chrissy Steinbacher, of Lisle, waived her rather large brassiere over her head in a salute to the Sox.

"Oh yeah, baby! Those are my boys," Steinbacher screamed.
Note to Sun-Times staff: When a large busted woman is twirling her bra over her head, her expression of pride in "my boys" may not refer to the local baseball team.

From the same story:
A beaming U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) found himself on a national stage Wednesday -- atop the pitcher's mound at Sox Park throwing out the first pitch before his beloved White Sox took on the Los Angeles Angels in the American League Championship game.

And Obama delivered -- a slow, high-arching pitch that actually made it to the catcher without bouncing.

"I had to take some heat off to make sure it went straight," Obama said later, explaining he played more basketball than baseball growing up. "The plan was not to ground it."

In making it on a fly, Obama bested Gov. Blagojevich, who short-hopped an opening-day pitch at Sox Park a few years back.

Obama has been an "unequivocal" supporter of the Sox since moving to the South Side in the mid-1980s. He wore a Sox jersey with his name and the number "05." But many wondered if the jersey should have said "Obama '08," referring to the next presidential election.

From the stands, someone asked, "Is he a righty or a lefty?" Hearing Obama was a lefty, the fan said: "Of course he is."

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