Thursday, December 22, 2005

DCCC Head: Trust Me

Lynn Sweet, of your Chicago Sun-Times, has Rahm Emanuel's explaination for not voting on the year's most important budget bill.
Emanuel said in a statement, "Anyone with a family understands the choices you have to make all the time between your family and your professional responsibilities. You try to strike that balance as best you can. I have absolute confidence that my constituents understand that balance."
Actually, to "understand that balance" one must know what is being balanced.

On one hand we have Rahm's profesional responsiblities. Those include his obligation as a Representative to vote on bills and his obligation as a party leader to round up Democratic votes against Republican legislation designed to undercut the nation's poor and powerless -- legislation like the massive GOP budget bill that will slash $39.7 billion from social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and child-support collection -- a GOP bill that passed by just six votes.

On the other hand we have: "Family stuff... Trust me."

Now, I'm sure that Rahm had important family business to attend to -- and he may get another chance to vote against the GOP's anti-family budget bill thanks to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi -- but "Trust Me" ain't no explaination.

UPDATE -- It looks like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who missed the vote too, was also absent due to a "family situation." Fellas, we know it is tough being in Congress and raising a family, but try to remember how much tougher it is for the families and seniors undercut by that GOP budget bill you didn't vote against.

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