Saturday, December 10, 2005

OneMan's Thoughts on 6th District Race

OneMan, who in his secret-identity is a vice-chair of a Republican Township Organization, gives his two cents on the 6th District Democratic Primary and the DuPage County Democrats who are "very angry" at the DCCC's decision to bring in a candidate from outside the district:
I think part of this [anger] is coming from how Tammy Duckworth is getting DCCC support and the local DuPage Democrats who have been taking it on the chin for the last billion years or so are rightfully bent out of joint a bit that the DCCC is now stepping in and trying to push their candidate.

The DuPage Democrats who have seen Christine Cegelis around at their events for some time now feel comfortable with her, know where she stands and likely know her personally. They likely feel a bit put off with the fact that she ran last time and may have helped lead to Hyde not seeking a second term and the thanks she (and they) get for this is a new candidate who they really don't know pushed by an entity that likely didn't give a crud about DuPage county for the last 20 years.

Heck that would tick me off.
OneMan's superpower is his ability to see through P.R. and B.S.

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